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Blue Mountains

Suggested Reading and Blog Posts


Click on the links below to find out what Gail is reading and writing. Gail's Blog Posts:


3/18/2020 Life Disruption and Stages of Grief

11/27/2019 Counseling Today: Pushing Through the Vape Cloud (featured therapist)

3/20/2019 How Marijuana Affects the Brain and Considerations for the Legalization Debate

11/02/2018 A Method for Dealing with Anxiety

05/10/2017 Dire Consequences of the College Party Culture

10/1/2016 Overcoming Racism

6/12/2016: Putting an End to Rape Culture

8/27/2015: Four Pillars of Adult Mental Health

8/2/2015: Thoughts on Using  Stress as a Learning Tool to Overcome Addictions

6/7/2015: Navigating High School: Advice for Students and Their Parents in Ten Sentences

5/19/2015: The Mind of A Middle Schooler

4/26/2015: Addiction and Impairment

4/18/2015: Let's change the Discussion about Marijuana Legalization

4/11/2015: A Country Divided: Reflections on a Long Drive

3/30/2015: Time, Energy and Money: The Keys to Independence for Adolescents and the Elderly

Diet and Exercise:

10/25/2016, The Atlantic, When Gut Bacteria Changes Brain Function

03/31/2016, Science News, Microbes can play games with the mind

6/26/2015, Atlantic Monthly, When Gut Bacteria Changes Brain Function  

Runner's High:

2/16/2011 The New York Times  "What really causes runner's high?"

3/12/2012 Scientific American  "The Scicurious brain: It hurts so good - runners high"

5/11/2012 National Geographic "Runners high hardwired in people and dogs"

7/2/2012 Runners World "Getting high on (Endo) Cannabinoids"

Addictions and Drugs of Abuse:

03/20/2019 Resource Bibliography for Articles Related to Marijuana and How it Affects the Brain

02/09/2019: Here's Why You Don't Sleep Well After Drinking

01/10/2019: Vaping and Oral Health: It's Worse Than You Think

09/23/2018: Huffington Post, "This is What Happens in Your Brain When You're Blackout Drunk"

03/28/2018: Time: Teens are Juuling at School and Here's What That Means

08/14/2016: The Atlantic  "The Science of Choice in Addiction"

07/7/2016: Popcorn Lung: A Dangerous Risk of E-Cigarettes

03/30/2016: www.theconversation.com  "Roots of Opioid Epidemic can be Traced Back to Two Key Changes in Pain Management"

4/23/2015: www.theatlantic.com "Just Say No to the Gateway Theory of Pot"

4/18/2015: www.drugabuse.gov "General Overview of Marijuana with Links to National Institute of Drug Abuse Information"

2/24/2015 mindshift.com "Teaching kids how to learn without study drugs"

2/9/2015: Slate.com: "Suboxone could help Heroin addicts"

1/28/2015: Huffington Post: "Dying to be free: There's a treatment for Heroin addiction that actually works, why aren't we using it?"

1/26/2015 NPR.org: "Pediatricians say don't lock up teenagers for marijuana"

1/20/2015 Huffington Post: "The likely cause of addiction has been discovered, and it's not what you think"

1/5/2015 NPR.org: "What Heroin addiction tells us about changing bad habits"

8/28/2014 USA Today: "E-cigarettes and Vaping: everything you need to know"

Wellness, Mindfulness and emotional regulation:


02/23/2020: The New York Times: Your Kids Don't Have to Inherit Your Body Image Issues

08/23/2019: NewYorkUpstate.com Cornell Freshman's Video on Loneliness Gets National Attention

11/07/2018: Wedding Wire: How to Survive Being in a Long Distance Relationship While in College

05/01/2017: momoftweensandteens.com: A Discussion with My Daughter about 13 Reasons Why

04/28/2017: mindful.org: Meditators have Younger Brains

08/15/2016: The Atlantic: Meaning is healthier than happiness

03/28/2016: npr.org: "Big siblings big influence: Some behaviors run in the family"

02/25/2016: upworthy.com: "Seven secrets to raising awesome functional teenagers"

01/29/2016: majesticunicorn.com: "Broken Things" (about anger management)

12/10/2015: kqed.org: Why Identity and Emotion are Central to Motivating the Teen Brain

3/12/2015:  GlobalPost.Com: "Impulsiveness in Teens"

1/10/2015 The New York Times: "Getting Grief Right"

2/7/2015 Psychology Today: "Five ways to get your emotions under control"

1/9/2015 Psychology Today: "Well being of college students"

12/8/2014 Wall Street Journal: "A road to mental health through the kitchen"

11/14/2014 Feelguide.com: "Harvard unveils MRI study proving meditation literally rebuilds the brain's grey matter in 8 weeks"

10/17/2014: Mother Nature Network: "Why taking the road less traveled is good for your health"

3/20/2014: Harvard Business Revie
w: "Mindfulness for people who are too busy to meditate"



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