Welcome to Young Adult Therapy, a counseling service for young adults, ages 13-30,  and their parents.

Gail is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) who works with adolescents and young adults, ages 13-30, and their parents.  One of her primary goals is to assist adolescents and young adults to develop strategies to gain confidence in their identities, manage their relationships, and to move toward independence. She also works with young adults who need early intervention strategies to deal with drug and alcohol use.

The guiding tenet of Gail's practice is that mental health deserves as much or more attention than mental illness. Being human is challenging and being a teenager or young adult can be particularly difficult! Normal transitions can create stress and anxiety, but that doesn't mean an individual who is experiencing this type of stress has a diagnosable issue. Some individuals simply benefit from professional guidance to manage their stress. At Young Adult Therapy, s ymptoms of anxiety and depression are addressed with realistic stress-management approaches. Gail emphasizes both physical and mental health including diet, exercise, sleep, mindfullness, emotional regulation, crisis management, and interpersonal communication skills. To learn more about Gail's approach to counseling please read the posts Four Pillars of Mental Health and The Fifth Pillarof Mental Health

Gail helps students and working adults who are struggling with motivation and underachievement to set goals and develop practical methods to achieve their goals. She also works closely with parents who sometimes need a sounding board to formulate parenting strategies for their teenagers and young adults.

Sessions are available in person and online

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Located inside The Remedy Center at 20 Elm Street in Morristown

Sunday appointments available on request Provider for Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Gail maintains an active Facebook presence with up-to-date information for young adults and their parents. Visit her site at www.facebook.com/youngadulttherapy
For those not on Facebook, please visit the "suggested reading and blog" page on this website to keep up on the latest research on issues that affect adolescents and young adults and for more in depth opinions on particular topics written by Gail.

Gail Lalk is listed at Alltherapists.com

Licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners, Licensed Professional Counselor number 37PC00448600 and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor number 37LC00220900

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